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My new book is coming soon! Here's a sneak peak and some details about what it's about when when you can get a copy!

Mark Dice is one of the top 3 favorites here at Whatfinger. He has been an author for many years.  Here is the info on his book coming out on media. Can we get this thing to #1 on Amazon.com!? Imagine how triggered the fake news networks will be if we do!! I forgot to mention I’ll need you guys to rate and review the book on Amazon because the trolls are going to hit it with one star reviews the second it comes out even though they’ll never buy it. Unfortunately Amazon allows people to review books that they haven’t even bought! We gotta counter the scum! Cuz they’re not going to stop us! Have a great weekend. See you on Monday!More Select Mark Videos Click here                                           Mark Dice YoutubeClick Here For Whatfinger’s Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! If You are a news and info junkie, we think it will be your go-to site for news and info almost instantly with videos from all sources world-wide

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