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Mexico quake: 'My heart tells me he will be alive' – BBC News

The tragedy of Mexico and their earthquakes. From BBC: On 19 September, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico, the most devastating in a generation. One office block in central Mexico City – Alvaro Obregon 286 – is the deadliest site, with over 35 bodies recovered and more still missing. Families camped out for days as they waited for news of their loved ones, as dozens of rescuers searched the rubble. The BBC spent three days with the family of 26-year-old Adrian Moreno, who had recently started working in the building. Video by Olivia Lang, Juan Paullier and Natasha PizzeyClick Here For Whatfinger’s Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! If You are a news and info junkie, we think it will be your go-to site for news and info almost instantly

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