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Winds of Winter Will Never Be Released George R.R.Martin Has Promised Since 2004

What can I say? I love Game of Thrones but let’s face it already.  Winds of Winter is NEVER going to be released.  I know…you can all cite the latest promise by one of my favorite authors to ever live, George R.R.Martin.  But let’s face the facts. he has promised to publish the book since before 2004.  Yes…you read that correctly. 
14 Years Of Lying To Me Is Really EnoughIt is now 2017, almost 2018 and George R.R.Martin has ‘expected’ to release Winds of Winter now going on 14 years.  I remember seeing the promises way back in 2000 and started to do some digging.  I found a Spanish entry where the publisher promised to release the following books in the following years. (see below for announcement by his publisher back in 2000)2002- A Storm of Swords 
2003- A Dance WIth Dragons
2004 – The Winds of WinterWhat’s the Latest? You guessed it right…More Lies About the EXPECTED release date. Latest Lies To Us All:Having The Winds of Winter published before season 6 of Thrones airs next spring “has been important to me all along,” says the best-selling New Mexico author. “I wish it was out now. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic about how quickly I can finish. But I cancelled two convention appearances, I’m turning down a lot more interviews—anything I can do to clear my decks and get this done.”   Click Here for LinkOr how about this one:  GRRM will not be announcing the completion of TWOW at Worldcon 2016.  Click here for linkGeorge Is Not In The Best Of Health – Is This The Plan? We all know our favorite author is not in the best of health.  Is it possible would strangly be the plan…to keep delaying decade after decade until he is in a hospital or the unthinkable…do I need to say it? We’re all thinking it, I know you are…How many times are we going to have to read yet another story about the book about to be released?  I had enough already.  You know what? Allfather Saga by C.K. Sheldon is where it’s at.  That author released 3 novels and a fourth is due out early 2017, and then 3 more soon afterward.   It’s a fantasy and Game of Thrones lovers absolute delight. One of the most entertaining reads all year, and the characters talk about Game of Thrones to boot. Story take place in the future and is so good I read all three twice so far. The books were only published in October! My Fear – Allfather Saga will be a TV show with 5 seasons and 15 books before Winds of Winter is released
I’m at the point now where I do not trust any publisher or author. Not after now being told something is about to be released since 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Check out Allfather Saga on Amazon – click here – I bet you that series becomes your favorite all year! And if you want to keep reading about the eventual release of Winds of Winter  click here If they were just honest and said the truth, that Winds of Winter may never be released, I’d be more content.  We can feast on the HBO series for another few years, and then possibly Robert’s Rebellion.  Maybe if we’re lucky HBO will also make Aegon’s Conquest. All will be fabulously popular…but will anyone ever get around to actually writing these expected hits???  That is the question for us all.  Ask yourself this question and be honest knowing what you now know.  I think perhaps the answer you give yourself will not be to your liking. But we need to face facts.Oh Well!  Here we go… This Allfather Saga series would make one of the best TV shows or movies.  Read the prologue and see the possibilities. After you devour all three (four by March of 2017) novels out in this series, there are so many many more great books out there to keep you busy.  Perhaps authors should take note of this and realize that their fans may love their work, but there are another dozen or so great authors out there like this new one C.K. Sheldon.  All we ask, as fans is don’t lie to us. Just tell it like it is. If you tell us you are going to release a book in 2004, don’t wait to 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and beyond!  This is getting to the unreal stage I’m sure you will agree. Update 4/25/2017 : Still no word for Winds of Winter. yeah, still eventually going to be released. As for Allfather Saga, the author sent me an advanced copy to read, DAMN…it’s juicy 🙂 I want it public and promised not to release it until it is public. It was supposed to be next month but he is working on a deal with a publisher who wants to buy the series, so delaying it. I hope not long. We get serious in this next book. I so want to tell you… Come on George, please..pretty please. Your turn.  Click Here For Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! if You are a news and info junkie, and love videos on breaking news, commentary and political humor …click here