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When FOX Attacks – They Join With CNN After Trump Calls Media The Enemy

FOX News has not been a friend to President Trump. We often confuse the pundits and the commentators with the news side of FOX. They are separate and the news part has attacked Trump since before he was elected. Here is FOX on their attack vs. Priebus, as well as MSNBC and CNN – all attacking FOX. This obviously doesn’t mean Tucker, Hannity, O’Reilly and the Five among a few others.  But to me, this is why we the peole are gettign sick of watching certain channels. FOX News is gettting closer to my no watch list.  “You don’t get to tell us what to do!” He says to Priebus, speaking about Trump.Trump’s twet and the story of him calling the fake news media ‘an enemy of the people’ click here for the video. Here is CNN attacking.  “Is Trump a DICTATOR?” CNN host ATTACKS Donald Trump’s media attacks” CNN is upset that Trump signalled out his fake news station as being an enemy to the American people. Too bad! We all expected MSNBC to attack. That is all they do. Here is MSNBC attacking Trump. As a supporter of our president it is difficult ot watch such videos. These leftists really do sicken me. But this is what America’s enemies are saying and how they spin what Trump has said and done.  See how they attack on ridiculous and little things? What goes through the mind of these leftists when they think America will fall for their attacks. Click here for homepage and more articles.