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US should have known there would be civilian casualties in Syria mosque strike. (Human Rights Watch)

Russian news station had this stroy about a U.S. Strike on a Mosque in Syria. Here is Human Rights Watch rep in the interview. Keep in mind that RT News is Russian Television.  Human Rights watch claims we attacked the Mosque knowing it was full of people. Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events. politics and political humor. CLICK HEREAgain, keep in mind this report is on Russian televion. it pays to know what all media is saying on Syria and Noorth Korea and all issues. Human Rights Watch has issued a damning report accusing the U.S. of failing to take adequate precautions to spare civilian lives in its operations in Syria. Lama Fakih, Deputy Director at Human Rights Watch Middle East and North Africa Division, talks to RTMore news and Commentary today…Great Britain Election: Theresa May seeks general election – BBC NewsCNN: Trump urged to spell out his foreign policy – Panel discusses Trump’s actionsOn the North Korean border with VP Pence, with U.S. and South Korean ForcesFox: Issa: US can’t allow status quo with North Korea to continue. Time to act!Source: Military Strike on North Korea Coming Soon, possibly in daysGavin McInnes: In Berkeley, We Took Back the CultureFor breaking news, current events and leading commentary see >>> Breaking News

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