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TRUMP VS. KIM JONG! Dennis Prager and Paul Joseph Watson on Louder With Crowder

Definitely not PC- All star cast in the commentary world of politics on Crowder. Talking all things Syria, MOAB, Kim Jung Un, female badasses and more! Special guests Dennis Prager and Paul Joseph Watson. Sure…he is funny, Crowder is also intelligent and with such great guests and clips from other shows, this was good…Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events. politics and political humor. CLICK HERECrowder goes through a whole timeline on the North Korean Crisis. With specific dates and how they have lied for many years. In his typical humorous way, Crowder and cast make you laugh while exploring some of the more pressing issues of the day. Especially North Korea and President Trump.  We need to laugh on some of these issues that are just way too serious at the moment. We need some venting…More videos on various topics and some news…60 Minutes Fake News Investigation is Fake NewsFaith Goldy: The Coming Millennial Civil War – The cultural war is here, how violent will it get as Snowflakes lose it…PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP FULL INTERVIEW WITH MARIA BARTIROMOIs Wikileaks a Hostile Actor as the CIA AssertsTomi Lahren on filing lawsuit against Beck, TheBlaze: ‘I’ve been silenced’You’ve Gotta Love Millennials – the first snowflake songWatson: The Truth About Trump’s Air Strike on Syria – He is surrounded by Globalists advising him now.For more videos – see Whatfinger Breaking News Hub

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