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Trump Supporter Refused Service -Bar being SUED for Trump discrimination, Snowflake or Turnabout is fair play?

A New York City cocktail bar is being sued because they refused to serve a Trump Supporter who was wearing a Trump hat. After noticing he was wearing a Trump hat, they were harassed at the bar, and then Kicked out. The Discussion about it all on a FOX show.  Panelists on this show call the man a snowflake. Should any business have the right to refuse customers is what it all comes down to. They have a point…Come on over to the Whatfinger homepage and go straight down the middle for a video festival of Trump, snowflakes, political humor and biting commentary. It’s also the best news site on the planet, but we’re obviously biased.  Click hereOwner says ANYONE who supports trump is not welcome at their bar. What’s the difference between that and kicking out someone who is Gay, or Mexican? More proof of Trump discrimination.  Panelists seem to be against the man…liberal puke lines from one of them, and anti-Trump. More VideosObama Laundered 3 Billion For His Slush Fund To Give To Left Wing ActivistsBlondes Are Not Having More Fun As Muslims Rape and Rampage Across SwedenThe Truth About Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Has Left and Media Lying Again (BEST VIDEO on net to explain quickly)Filmmaker gets EXPOSED on air, FLIPS OUT and starts Screaming RacismClick for Whatfinger