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The End of The EU – Nigel Farage – You're In For a Bigger Shock in 2017

‘You DESPISE your own voters!’ Nigel Farage rips into EU over ‘support for migration’The former Ukip leader accused EU politicians of ignoring people on concerns about Muslim migration after a shock poll showed most European voters want it to stop. In a fiery speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg he pointed out that most EU citizens have a “harder line” on immigration than himself or even Donald Trump.  More‘EU voters are more anti-immigration than I am,’ Farage rants at MEPsFormer UKIP leader Nigel Farage has accused Eurocrats of “despising” their own voters, who he says mostly want migration from Muslim countries to stop.In a fiery speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Farage said most EU citizens have a “harder line” on immigration than himself or even US President Donald Trump.  MoreMore VideosDemocrats Admit They All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plan and Building The Wall to Stop IllegalsHave a Kindle?: Must Read for Book Lovers & Patriots: Drudge and Breitbart Helped Trump Save America – This is Amazing, if you are a patriot that is. SOme leftists love it but just for the wexcellent writing and story.  Very Politically incorrect and is high fantasy/scifi.  You will thank me! You’ve Gotta Love Millennials – Hilarious and True SongSARAH SILVERMAN’S SWASTIKA MELTDOWN – Left is Deranged.​Crazy leftists Now Trying To Make Furries Normal – Even MSNBC Laughed hardThere Was No Muslim Ban, Busta Rhymes.You And Media Need Facts​Click for more politically incorrect news, commentary and entertainment

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