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Spicer: "Hitler didn't sink to using chemical weapons" Now they're after him!

Don’t know much about history – He had to be asked to clarify for obvious reasons, so we have to let it slide. Media maniacs are already calling for him to resign for this one little mess up, that he fixed just a minute after (more below) Click here for Whatfinger Homepage. Your new favorite site for news, commentary, current events and political humor. We bet you love it! He screwed up. Lighten up people.  A few links we put below so you can see how nuts the media is as well as politicians like Pelosi calling for his head.  Watch the video, then see how the media blow things up out of nothing. Links already calling for the man’s head, just for the above video 
Sean Spicer should resign for lying about Hitler’s use of chemical weapons
Pelosi calls for Spicer’s firing after Hitler remarksIsraeli Intel Minister Calls for Sean Spicer to ‘Apologize or Resign’ Over Hitler GaffeNow ask yourselves, does his little screw up above warrant all of this media attention and attacks? The entire media and the Democratic party is made up of serious drama queens. More Videos…Various topics. For more see Homepage for all topicsMSNBC’s CRAZIEST TRUMP CONSPIRACY THEORY YET! Putin Did it! MSNBC is extremely unhingedMattis: No doubt Syria behind gas attack. Complete breakdown on Syria, pro and con from all sides on page below the videoCNN Host: Naked Men in Girl’s Locker Room with 12-Year-Olds Should Be Fine CAUGHT: Washington Post Caught Changing Title Of Article To Hurt Trump. 
“I Would Kill Trump” Says FOX’s ‘Making History’ star Adam Pally, If He Could
Dear Virtue Signalling CelebritiesLou Dobbs calls on Paul Ryan to resign the Speaker’s officeClick for Whatfinger Home

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