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RT: SpaceX launches rocket to put satellite in orbit

RT is turning out to be one of the best news channels, but always remember it is run by the Russian government, so when they have political specials, keep their bias in mind. SpaceX has successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The rocket is to put a 13,500lb satellite into orbit for the commercial communications company Inmarsat. Unlike the last launch, SpaceX said there were no plans to land the rocket’s first stage “due to mission requirements.” The I-5 F-4 satellite is to join three other Inmarsat satellites orbiting Earth and will help expand the company’s Global Xpress mobile broadband network.Subscribe to RT NewsClick here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events, politics and political humor. The ONLY site that shows you footage and video from all news sources. CLICK HERE

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