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Ronald Reagan jokes and calls the Democratic Platform a pile of Sh*t, Room Erupts with Laughter. Reagan Jokes

I think President Trump is going to become my favorite president in my lifetime. I just have that feeling.  President Reagan though will always have a special place in my heart and thoughts. Trump is Reagan part II, only with the hope of even greater dreams achieved. Here are a few videos showcasing Reagan’s humor. He was incredibly good natured and loved to tell jokes… President Reagan had a great sense of humor. Here is a short video on a bunch of Soviet jokes that will make you laugh if you love the Gipper.  Enjoy…Click here for Whatfinger Homepage. Your New Go To For News, commentary, current events and political humor. We bet you love it!  More videos…A serious Reagan speech on health Care and Socialized Medicine with a lesson that I wish our current Republicans would heed. The Left vs. The TruthMan Wins Women’s Weighlifting Competition. Will women ever win in women’s sports again?Update: CNN CAUGHT AIRING MORE FAKE NEWS AGAIN!For more videos see Whatfinger Homepage – click here

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