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Rex Tillerson gets unscheduled meeting with Vladimir Putin

It was imperative that Tillerson meet with Vladimir Putin and we made it clear that it was an insult to not meet him personally. Vladimir met him and they discussed the issues on the table, most importantly the impending war in North Korea. The joint news conference this afternoon with NATO is linked below as well. CBS did their best to avoid speaking about North Korea in this video. Click here for Whatfinger Homepage. Your new favorite site for news, commentary, current events and political humor. We bet you love it! More Videos on news and commentary…Impending issues…LIVE STREAM:President Donald Trump holds Press Conference with NATO Secretary General StoltenbergSource: Military Strike on North Korea Coming Soon, possibly in days.Jack Posobiec: Will Trump Strike North Korea?BREAKING: IT’S HAPPENING! NORTH KOREA IS LOCKED AND LOADED! THEY JUST SENT TRUMP THE ULTIMATE THREATBolton on why new North Korea threats are different. Will Trump strike North Korea?Outside links on what’s going on now in North Korea, including the evacuation of their capital city!Kim Jong-Un ‘orders IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of Capital CityHas a Deal been stuck to topple North Korea?Exclusive: North Korea oil imports, airline among possible U.S. sanctions targets – sourcesFor breaking news, current events and leading commentary see >>> Breaking News

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