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Revealed: "This is the BIGGEST Scandal in American History", Larry Klayman, Freedom Watch Founder on Wiretaps

This man won a lawsuit against the NSA!!! Larry Klayman warned us back in February that this was happening, and would lead to the possibility of people being blackmailed. Listen as he discusses what Rep. Devin Nunes wiretapping information means now. “Comey was not truthful to the Intel committee” Which means he lied!  See more vids at Trump NationClick Here For Homepage – if you are a news and info junkie, and love videos like this click hereMore vids on topic and the scandal we all face nowFelony Time: There Was Additional Unmasking – Surveillance Confirmed – Worse than Watergate by far…House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes CONFIRMS Surveillance Of Trump Transition – Press Conference 3/22Obama Laundered 3 Billion For His Slush Fund To Give To Left Wing ActivistsSnoop Dogg is a Complete Idiot (2 vids on this page)For many more videos and news on current events and politcs see Whatfinger – click here

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