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Obama Endorses Macron With Kiss Of Death. Watch this! Le Pen is looking good.

France is committing suicide under globalism. Le Pen is slamming Macron and the vote is just days away. Here is Alex Jone’s take on it  and on Obama’s support of Macron. More on Le Pen below this video…Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events, politics and political humor. The ONLY site that shows you footage and video from all news sources. CLICK HERECriticism: Alex states that Le Pen is for the free market… well, let’s not go that far. I agree with much that he says but that is factually incorrect. Le Pen is actually a socialist. Let’s not delude ourselves. I support her as she is for stopping immigration and fighting against the EU, but I am not deluded and no one should be as to her economics.  She is the better choice among two evils economically speaking. Tucker, in the link below discusses this as well. The media loves to call her the ‘Far Right’ candidate but she could not get elected as a Democrat in the U.S.  That’s how far left she is, further left than Bernie Sanders. Viva La France! More on French Elections and Le PenREPLAY – Watch the full French Presidential debate between Macron and Le Pen​“Why Is She Far-Right?” Tucker Analyzes Marine Le Pen’s Candidacy for French PresidentBloomberg: How Marine Le Pen Took Control of the Far RightFrench presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and Europe’s far-right movement (notice the biased ABC title?)​The Truth About the French Election. Marine Le Pen can win this.How Marine Le Pen can win the election in France…Paris Burning – Media Blackout. Le Pen: Brink Of Civil War​Nigel Farage interviews Marine Le Pen – Brexit Meets Possible Frexit…Trump On Their Minds…​

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