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OAN: The Mysterious Death of Seth Rich – 100K reward offered by OAN News

Rich was killed one block from his home in Washington DC. Full details can be found in this video as well as the links below this video. The man was murdered for what he did, which was send 44K emails to Wikipedia. He was set to testify on the case, but was killed before it. The death of DNC staffer Seth Rich is stirring up national controversy as conflicting reports continue pouring in. Media Caught today lying – here are Seth’s parents thanking us all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here
He was murdered last July–yet so far police have made no arrests in the case, and have no leads as to a suspect.  See Wikileaks’ Assange linked below as well. Plus Kim Dotcom and hsi willingness to testify about it, as he knew Seth and knew Seth sent the DNC the emails. Why this is so important; the ENTIRE fake narrrative of the fake mainstream media about Russian collusion with Trump is based on these 44K emails.  Which is why this man was murdered. 
Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events, politics and political humor. The ONLY site that shows you footage and video from all news sources. CLICK HEREBlack Pigeon: DNC Staffer ASSASSINATED for ties to Wikileaks? His name Was Seth Rich, please share.Commentary: The Truth About Seth Rich – The DNC/Wikileaks ScandalMore commentary you need to see:SHOCKING! Democrats Argue Their RIGHT to Keep Rigging Elections! Must see!Flashback: Wikileaks’ Assange on Seth Rich (source of the emails) and much more. It was him…Never forget his nameBy the way…Kim Dotcom knew him personally and will testify that it was Rich who sent the emails to Wikileaks.Watson: Left Planning Riots In July: Summer of Rage – Mass Riots Expected All At Once…OAN: BAM – OMG – She is good! Liz Wheeler: We finally have proof of inappropriate financial dealings with RussiaAn example of Fox going very left wing these days. Seriously in a downward spiral, you’d expect this from MSNBC – – –Fox: What is causing the White House’s loyalty problem? (Watch this and see how FOX is going left wing)

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