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MSNBC: Cicilline Rips Trump Over Robert Mueller-James Comey Friendship Remark (Half Barf Alert- Greta)

These people are quite sickening to watch at times. Mueller is a good friend of Comey. End of story. He should recuse. That’s a fact. Greta actually says it right. Not bad, maybe Fox rubbed off on her when she was there. From MSNBC: “This is an effort by the president to undermine Robert Mueller,” Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) tells Greta Van Susteren. See our Comey page for hundreds of videos on James Comey, news and commentary. Click hereSubscribe to MSNBCClick here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events, politics and political humor. The ONLY site that shows you footage and video from all news sources. CLICK HERE

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