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Michael Moore's dire prediction about Donald Trump On CNN – Reaction to Trump's Speech

Michael Moore predicts that President Trump is going to lead to more totalitarian orwellian state. It is a new chapter of 1984, he says. CNN of course eggs him on to keep going and attack Trump over and over.  More on Michael Moore below videoClick Here For Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! Michael Moore is a Lying Propagandist And Exposed On Video Lying – Click here for two videos attacking Moore. One from John Stossel when Moore made up facts for his documeantay on health care and others. Michael Moore’s ‘Resistance Calendar’: ‘Our Goal Is Trump’s Removal’Getting overwhelmed by all the protests lately? Never fear. Michael Moore has a “resistance calendar” to help you keep track of them.On President’s Day, the progressive documentarian outlined his new website—a “24/7 clearinghouse” of anti-Trump and anti-conservative protests and rallies across the nation.   MoreMichael Francis Moore (born April 23, 1954) is an American documentary filmmaker and author.[1] He is the director and producer of Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), a critical look at the presidency of George W. Bush and the War on Terror, which is the highest-grossing documentary at the American box office of all time and winner of the Palme d’Or.[2] His film Bowling for Columbine (2002), which examines the causes of the Columbine High School massacre, won the Academy Award for Documentary Feature.  More on WikipediaClick Here For Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! 

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