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Lou Dobbs: Ryancare Is A Disaster – This is a 'Preposterous Document' Why Rush This Deeply Flawed Bill Through?

“This is a preposterous document” Paul Ryan is pushing his Ryancare bill with full steam. The American people are not having anything of it. They are against this RINO bill by over 74%, yet they are all over the talk shows saying how they have the support of the Republicans in the house and the Senate. Trump would be wise to dump Ryan here and now. Listen to what Dobbs and guests say about this health care bill. War, Strife, Laughter, Breaking News, Accidents, Incredible Stories and the insanity we call life… daily …Click here for Whatfinger Homepage. Your New Go To For News. We bet you love it! Alt Left Media Freaks Out Over Fired Attorneys, Russia – Fake Outrage by Fake Media – Excellent Hannity SmackdownDemocrats are FINISHED when they hear this. It’s all spelled out…Snoop Dogg is a Complete IdiotDear Virtue Signalling CelebritiesBig Bang Theory’s Amy Fowler Anti-Trump Meltdown – another snowflakeLevin: Proof Obama Wiretapped Trump campaign – Media Admits They KnowThe Deep State War on Trump – The real story behind the Russia hysteria – Everything you need to know about what’s going on in the plot against Trump and AmericaClick For Whatfinger – the Best Link News Site On Earth

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