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LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Make American Great Again Rally LIVE from LOUISVILLE, Kentucky 3/20

Watch the rally he just did last week in Nashville until he starts his rally today in an hour.., live here in Louisville Kentucky.  This is LIVE –  the speech today beginning at 6pm Eastern time. You might want to enjoy a few quick videos below first, you have time if it’s not 6 pm EST. yet. All videos below are quick.  Click here for Whatfinger News – Your News HubSome quick videos you can enjoy before the rally. You have time to watch them all…Catch up on current events and maybe laugh a little. Snoop Dogg is a Complete Idiot (2 vids on this page)Lou Dobbs And Greg Gutfeld Tag Team Political Comic Relief: “Snoop took a poop, then Bow WoW licked it all upYou’ve Gotta Love Millennials – Hilarious and True Song5 Million Views For Snowflake Test For Applicants CEO VideoWhat if Captain Kirk met Ashley Judd – Don’t tell me this woman is NOT on drugsClick for Whatfinger…Check daily 3 or 4 times and you will know everything going on in the world, and get to laugh as well. 

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