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How this MSNBC producer misled over 5,000 people & helped expand the Russia Lie against Trump

This MSNBC producer tweeted out an extraordinarily misleading tweet about Trump, Russia, and Wikileaks. More videos on Wikileaks and the Russia, Russia, Russia scam perpetrated on Americans are below this one. Click for Whatfinger…the greatest news site that ever was and ever will be. Yeah…I know that’s my opinion. You’re as well I bet…click here. More videos on Wikileaks and the Media’s Fake ScandalInside Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Published by WikileaksHere’s the Russian take on it all – WikiLeaks CIA Document Dump Throws Claim Russians Hacked 2016 Election Out The Window!Krauthammer: Current WikiLeaks dump is worst of all | Fox NewsClick for Whatfinger News