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Hillary Supporters: It Really is OK To Cry!

It’s OK, all of our Vegan and Tofu eating citizens who love to be over-emotional. It’s only human. Nothing wrong at all. We all go through ups and downs. Someone had to lose, and it just happened to be Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Chosen One, who was chosen by a fake media, with fake polls and voter fraud. She scammed her way into stealing the nomination from Sanders, all proven via Wikileaks. Yet, I still understand, you love her. After all she….Hmmm. What is she ….a woman.  Right? Yes, she is unmistakenly a woman and as the first woman to run for the presidency it was her right, her God-given right to be the president.  Right?  Wrong.   I have a solution to you all. Just sit back and watch the video below these photos of your fellow Clinton supporters. Times are tough and you need a hug. Let’s share some Tofu, go buy a $10 coffee at Starbucks, talk it out.  Or hug it out. You deserve it. Are you not entitled to a hug? And a Cry?When you are ready and still have  that overwhelming need to let the tears keep falling. Well….This message is brought to you by your fellow citizens who voted for Trump, and who were not fooled by the fake polls, fake stations like CNN, ABC, CBS and the NY Times.   We didn’t fall for the constant attacks and fake charges of racism, sexism and everything else under the sun. Basically, we were smarter than you. That’s OK, we are all stupid at one time in our lives or another. Nothing to be  ashamed of.  Let it all out,  CRY!  When you’re done crying – if you want to laugh and relax, please watch this special song dedicated to Hillary by the ROCK in front of 20K people. 

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