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Fox's Lou Dobbs TRASHES Deep State and the Judge – a classmate of Obama! He ruled on Trump's travel ban! CAUGHT.

The Deep state is not the friend of Trump or freedom. President Trump speaks out in a clip about the travel ban and the judge that is acting on political reasons. Did you know the judge is actually a former classmate of Obama…Click for Whatfinger…the greatest news site that ever was and ever will be. Ok we watch way too much Game of Thrones…The Deep State fake Judges are going to be coutnered and wil lose in court. They put their ideology and leftist ways before the American people. Lou Dobbs lays into them hard in this short video clipMore videos…“I Would Kill Trump” Says FOX’s ‘Making History’ star Adam Pally, If He Could5 Million Views For Snowflake Test For Applicants CEO VideoRachel Maddow’s Epic Trump Tax FAIL!Dear Virtue Signalling CelebritiesClick for Whatfinger…

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