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Felony Time: There Was Additional Unmasking – Surveillance Confirmed – Worse than Watergate by far…

This getting bigger and bigger and I know where this goes up to. Sean Hannity interviews a panel of guests that include Ric Grenell, Jay Sekulow, and Sara Carter. The panel discusses the news that surveillance of Donald Trump being confirmed, and now we know from Devin Nunes that additional names of U.S. Citizens were unmasked.Click Here For Homepage – if you are a news and info junkie, and love videos like this click hereMore videos for your political enjoyment and amusementLou Dobbs And Greg Gutfeld Tag Team Political Comic Relief: “Snoop took a poop, then Bow WoW licked it all upSnoop Dogg is a Complete Idiot (2 vids on this page)Safe Spaces: Snowflake SongYou’ve Gotta Love Millennials – the first snowflake songNBC News Using Children for Anti-Trump Propaganda Click for Whatfinger and lots of videso and news

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