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Fast & Furious Snowflake – Tyrese Trump Meltdown. Actor Begs Patriots to Skip White House Visit with Hitler

The Snowflakes conintue with the media in their assault on President Trump. Here is Tyrese Gibson from Fast and the Furious begging Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots not to go to the White House because President Trump is “like Hitler”. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.More Snowflakes Losing their little minds over trump, and other great videos and articlesSARAH SILVERMAN’S SWASTIKA MELTDOWN – Left is Deranged.What if Captain Kirk met Ashley Judd – Don’t tell me this woman is NOT on drugs “I Coined Snowflake, live with it.” See a Real Life Snowflake Harass a Trump Supporter.Big Bang Theory’s Amy Fowler Anti-Trump Meltdown – another snowflakeTop 5 Anti-Trump Feminist Meltdowns To Bring a Smile To Your FaceRussian hackers play phone prank on fool Democrat Maxine WatersDemocrats Admit They All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plan and Building The Wall to Stop IllegalsHave a Kindle?: Must Read for Book Lovers & Patriots: Drudge and Breitbart Helped Trump Save America – This is Amazing, if you are a patriot that is. Some leftists love it but just for the excellent writing and story.  Very Politically incorrect and is high fantasy/scifi.  You will thank me! (Note: I stole the hand copied maps on this page from the author’s site, bad me!) You’ve Gotta Love Millennials – Hilarious and True SongCrazy leftists Now Trying To Make Furries Normal To Attack Trump – Even MSNBC Laughed hardPolitically incorrect and media bias articles – click here. 

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