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Fake News CNN Says Beyonce Lost To Adele Due to Racism

CNN really reaches new lows daily. They are quickly becoming the fake news con artists and King of all Fakedom, trying their best to surpass even MSNBC.  Here is CNN actually saying that Beyonce lost due to racism. Why is race always on the mind of the leftists at CNN and MSNBC? They have some very serious mental issues to deal with on both coasts. CNN reports that racism may be the reason Adele won Album of the Year for 25 over Beyoncé’s Lemonade at the 2017 Grammys. Other mainstream media outlets are claiming the same thing! Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Love Game of Thrones, Fantasy and Politics and have a Kindle?  Check this out. Might blow you away. Very Politically incorrect and is high fantasy/scifi.  You will thank me!  I stole the maps from the author’s site – bad me! Look at names on the map. More Videos To think. Laugh and Explore this insane political world. Democrats Admit They All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plan and Building The Wall to Stop Illegals
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