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Faith Goldy: The Coming Millennial Civil War – The cultural war is here, how violent will it get as Snowflakes lose it…

Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media predicts that young people are growing more politicized and divided, with serious consequences. MORE: Click here for Whatfinger Homepage. Your New Go To For News, commentary, current events and political humor. We bet you love it! More Videos… (For more Videos at Whatfinger by Rebel Media Click here)Massive list of Trump’s Promises KeptJack Posobiec: Debunking the Vast Russian ConspiracyDear Virtue Signalling CelebritiesYou’ve Gotta Love MillennialsWhat if Captain Kirk met Ashley Judd – Don’t tell me this woman is NOT on drugsTop 5 Anti-Trump Feminist Meltdowns To Bring a Smile To Your FaceFor More videos on all topics in politics, commentary and culture see Whatfinger News Hub – click hereMore info on Right vs. Left below photo from outside sources. Right Vs. Left – the debate from all sidesRight Vs Left properly definedI’m often asked versions of the following: Given that the political right is so corrupted by conservatives who seek to limit liberty in countless ways, wouldn’t it be better to abandon the language of “left” vs. “right” and adopt new terminology? –  click hereHOW BIG SHOULD GOVERNMENT BE? LEFT VS. RIGHT #1How big should the government be? And what is its proper role in the daily lives of Americans? The Left and Right have opposite answers.  Video click herePolitical Parties: Crash Course Government and Politics #40The Left-Right Political Spectrum Is BogusAmericans are more divided than ever by political ideology, as a recent Pew Research Center study makes clear. About a third of people on each side say of the other that its proponents “are so misguided that they threaten the nation’s well-being.” They’re both right about that.  MorePolitics for Dummies: Left & Right, Conservative & Liberal, Democrat & Republican
Are you confused by politics? Unsure about all those political terms you hear bandied about constantly – Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Republican, Democrat? What do they all mean, and what’s the difference?