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Exclusive: Massive US Invasion Of Syria Has Already Begun (I Hope this is not going to happen)

I’m hoping this is not correct and we just have the troops over there. The Russians have warned us already, this could be a disaster if Trump goes ahead with overthowing Assad. See video 2 below for updates. Here is video 2 with the updates. American forces are on the move in Syria and in the Pacific. What the hell is going on? Mike Cernovich (the man who broke the Susan Rice story) is interviewed about the intel. He says in the following video that they are pushing for a major war in Syria. The Deep State has formed a silent coup, Mike says…watch the following – – Click for Whatfinger Breaking News…the only news site you’ll ever need, in our opinion. We bet you agree. Click here…More videos…Judge Jeanine: A reawakening of America the greatThe Truth About Trump’s Air Strike on Syria – He is surrounded by Globalists advising him now.MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Ivanka Trump Scares Me. Other MSNBC Journalist says Trump might kill them…Jack Posobiec: Civil War in Trump White House? The truth about Trump and his plan. It’s the Art of The Deal…Click for Breaking News and current events>>>>  Whatfinger Breaking News

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