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Drudge Report Headline Fail: Is it becoming the tabloid or drama News King?

The Drudge Report once again has headlines which are fake. Made up news taking real world events and blowing them up to sensationalize them. The screenshot is below. When is sensational headlines in news going to stop? There was no ‘firing’ at Japan… it was only a test. A failed test in a long line of failed tests by the communist state. There’s no need for fake titles in news…No need for war drums either. That seems to be the narrative being pushed by the nation’s beloved Drudge Report lately.Click for Whatfinger News – Your News Hub Here’s what really happened from 3 sources:North Korea missile test fails, U.S. and South say, as tensions simmerFailed North Korean missile exploded ‘within seconds,’ US says
North Korea missile test ends in failure as projectile “explodes within seconds” of launchWe love Drudge, but come on already with the fake headlines. Why create news from scratch? Just report it…Click for Whatfinger News