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Democrats Admit They All Agree with Trump's Immigration Plan and Building The Wall to Stop Illegals

Show this to every liberal who says Donald Trump is racist for wanting to secure our border. This is going to piss you off at how the Democrats play both sides of the fence.   Good, spread it around at how hypocrital the Democrats are.  It helps Trump. Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events. politics and political humor. CLICK HERESome more politically incorrect items you’ll enjoy:Shocking Science: Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Show on Neflix ‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ Will Stun and Disgust MostNew York Times Apologizes for Publishing Fake News to Make Trump Look BadDrudge and Breitbart Helped Trump Save America – This is AmazingSnowflake Sarah Silverman Anti-Trump Meltdown – More Snowflake VideosGeorge Carlin – Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be MannersWhat if Captain Kirk met Ashley Judd – Don’t tell me this woman is NOT on drugsThe Truth About Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Has Left and Media Lying Again (BEST VIDEO on net to explain quickly)“I Coined Snowflake, live with it.” See a Real Life Snowflake Harass a Trump Supporter.Trump Riot Victim Attacked At Berkeley Gives Exclusive InterviewClick here for homepage and many more articles you can laugh with, learn and share. 

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