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CNN : Clearly Trump Administration Has A Problem With Jews

CNN is losing their minds. Second video below shows their deranged attempts on air of painting Trump as somehow anti-Jewish. Discussion in first part of this first video is on this CNN article which is on their site now as of 2/24/2017 (linked below) CNN is doing their best to be fake. The first video goes into an epic RAPE CULTURE DEBATE! Pogo and Michael Ian Black go at it.  Talking all things Trump, Israel, and CNN. Here is the link to the disgusting fake news out by CNN, which again tries to call Trump an anti-semite . Low even for CNN. Clearly, the Trump administration has a problem with JewsBut then again, CNN’s Chris Cuomo actually just said this: “Naked Men in Girl’s Locker Room with 12-Year-Olds Should Be Fine”  Click here for videoIs CNN getting seriously sick or what? They’re trying everything they can to attack President TrumpHere is a video at CNN where they are claiming Trump is anti-semitic because he neglected to mention anti-semitism. Are they not deranged or what? Love Game of Thrones, Fantasy and Politics and have a Kindle? Check this out. Might blow you away. Very Politically incorrect and is high fantasy/scifi.  You will thank me!  I stole the maps from the author’s site – bad me! Look at names on the maps Lots of conservative and libertarian names you’ll know.  Click hereWhy is CNN doing their best to paint Donald Trump as an anti-semite? She asks this propagandist “Does Trump hate his daughter, who converted to Judaism?Listen to how this man goes off the rails. It is amazing how CNN is just losing their minds. Click Here For Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! 

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