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CBS: Elon Musk unveils video of high-speed underground tunnel

An interesting idea, here is a video showing the tunnel. Be warned, watching the video can make you dizzy. They speak of a warning as well. This is a fast under a minute video. Elon Musk posted a simulation video of his newest project, a high-speed tunnel to help ease traffic in Los Angeles. CBSN’s Reena Ninan has the latest on Musk’s innovation.  (See video below as well for a video that musk released on the concept.) Tech Insider had the following video posted. This is Elon Musk’s craziest new idea: Tunnels that move your car for you.Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events, politics and political humor. The ONLY site that shows you footage and video from all news sources. CLICK HERE

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