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Sub for more | Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller reports, Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren is suing her former employer, conservative media network The Blaze, for wrongful termination, the Dallas Morning News first reported. For more details see below videos. Click here for Whatfinger Homepage. Your New Go To For News, commentary, current events and political humor. We bet you love it! More Videos… (all topics sample)Massive list of Trump’s Promises KeptYou’ve Gotta Love MillennialsJack Posobiec: Debunking the Vast Russian ConspiracyDear Advertisers, Social Justice is Not Cool or ProfitableMSNBC’s CRAZIEST TRUMP CONSPIRACY THEORY YET! Putin Did it! MSNBC is extremely unhingedBlondes Are Not Having More Fun As Muslims Rape and Rampage Across SwedenBreaking news and current events – Whatfinger NewsOutside links on Tomi Lahren & The BlazeConservative commentator Tomi Lahren sues Glenn Beck and the Blaze for wrongful termination…According to Lahren’s lawsuit, filed Friday in Dallas County, the Blaze canceled Lahren’s show after she made the controversial abortion statements last month on the daytime talk show “The View.” But the Blaze wanted to keep paying Lahren, the suit says, “presumably hoping they could find an exit strategy to sanitize their unlawful conduct” in breaking Lahren’s two-year employment contract, which was to continue through Sept. 30.  For full story click hereTomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck, Claims She Was Fired for Pro-Choice ViewsConservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is hoping for a little help from the judicial system and has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Glenn Beck and his website TheBlaze, claiming she was fired for expressing pro-choice views. According to the lawsuit,  MoreTomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck, Saying She Was Fired for Her Stance on Abortion…In a March 17 appearance on the ABC show “The View,” Ms. Lahren, 24, told the hosts that she believed in limited government in all aspects and that she supported the right to have an abortion. “I’m for limited government,” she said,  MoreTomi Lahren sues Glenn Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination…The suit, filed in Texas Friday, alleges that Beck and The Blaze got rid of Lahren and her nightly talk show due to her making pro-choice comments on “The View” last month.  MoreBreaking News – Whatfinger News

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