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Anti-Trump Comics, freedom of speech. But the culture wars will freak you out when you see how they involve kids.

I was just enjoying a little social media and came upon an old Animaniacs cartoon… and finally saw it. What I never did before. It’s actually perverted. Take a look. Something kids wouldn’t get, but it’s there. Much more below…After you read and look at the above you’ll get it. As an adult you see it and understand what fingering is. Kids will not, usually, but even more evident are numerous examples in the video below.  The above is absolutely TAME compare to what you are about to see in this video. It will make you think a little differently about these cartoons, many we’ve seen with kids and grandkids and maybe even great grandkids. Like Lion King…Take a look at the video below. Since many of you watched these with your children and grandchildren, perhaps even you missed most of it.I mean, why look for a face shaped like a sex organ in a children’s cartoon, right? At least that’s how I think. We live in a very strange world when cartoon creators and writers and artists need to put sexual references into the Little Mermaid and other Disney movies among others. Perhaps this is a sad commentary on American culture. You decide. I can understand comics and writers as well as artists putting their politics into cartoons and comics and whatever they want.  This is America, it’s normal. That is if you indeed own the production. There was that artist in Indonesia who was just let go a few days ago for putting Islamic and anti-Jewish and anti-western messages into X-Men – Marvel comics (Click here for story)  But what do you expect from the Muslim crew out to dominate the world in the name of their warrior religion. We’d be happy if Muslims restricted themselves to sneaking pro-islamic and anti-semitic messages into cartoons. At least no one is getting killed, right?  Here’s an example I don’t like, but it is part of free speech. It’s an anti-Trump piece, obviously.  But with freedom of speech, we might not like it, but we can tolerate it. We have to. This is one of the tamest. Highly offensive to us Christians, but we don’t kill the artist over it. But when it comes to kids, maybe we need to take a step back and analyze what we’re doing. Do we really need to have cartoon characters with penis shaped faces? Is this all part of freedom of speech? What is the fascination with Hollywood to sexualize children in any way they can? These are questions we all needto ask ourselves.  The next tme you see Lion King, I know most of you will not be telling your kids, and grandkids that Sex is written in the sky. As good guardians it doesn’t make sense to do so. But when your nine year old grandson asks you why does Squidward in Spongebob have a ‘Penis Face’, I guess we have to lie to them and tell them it only looks like that. What do you think? Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events. politics and political humor. CLICK HEREMore videos on news and commentary, and humorPainting Mohammed With Bob Ross, I mean Crowder – And Lots More To OffendVenezuela: Maduro arms militia, bans civilian gun ownership. Revolution Can Break Out AnytimeTomi Lahren On Socialism vs. Capitalism, Bernie and Warren. There’s much hope yet in Millennials…New York Times Apologizes for Publishing Fake News to Make Trump Look BadThe Science of Climate Change | Dr. Patrick Moore and Stefan Molyneux – Climate Change Is A Scam of Epic ProportionsFor breaking news, current events and leading commentary see >>> Breaking News

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