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ACTUAL SCIENTIST: Climate Change is a Scam! Original Member of Greenpeace

He joined when Greenpeace was called The Don’t make a wave committee, and was instrumental in creating Grenpeace. He is an environmentalist and a scientist and what he says pissed piss the entire left. He explains it all easily and anyone gets it. Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events. politics and political humor. More Commentary you’ll love…The Science of Climate Change | Dr. Patrick Moore and Stefan Molyneux – Climate Change Is A Scam of Epic ProportionsThe 97% Consensus? Global Warming Unmasked! The Climate Change Scam Explained. Actual number is .03%!Commentary on heated topics…Trump Trolls CBS Reporter to His Face – Other Examples of Trump Trolling MediaCrowd Chants “CNN Sucks” at Trump First 100 Days Rally in PennsylvaniaTime to Label Antifa a Terrorist Group. Resource Page on Antifa tactics and infoShocking Science: Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Show on Neflix ‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ Will Stun and Disgust MostIn the news…Allen West: Our allies now know the US stands for somethingNigel Farage At EU Parliament – Let Hungary Join The Brexit Club 26th April 2017For more commentary and all the news, breaking news and current events as well as all the political humor that you can handle,see >>>  Breaking News

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